Trevor Hall

Raised on an island in South Carolina, singer/songwriter Trevor Hall realized at a young age that music was more than just a passion – it was, rather, his life’s art. At sixteen, he recorded his first album, soon after which he left South Carolina for Idyllwild Arts Academy in California. There he studied classical guitar and was also introduced to the practices of yoga and meditation, which would greatly influence his life and his music. Hall’s music, a blend of roots and folk music with hints of inspiration from India, has led him to a series of sold-out tours and collaborations with artists such as Steel Pulse, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Matisyahu, Michael Franti, Xavier Rudd and Nahko & Medicine for the People.

Hall’s most recent full-length album releases, Chapter of the Forest (2014) and KALA (2015), debuted at #3 and #2 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart respectively. He is currently touring around the US and Australia. While on tour, Hall collects donations to support children’s education in India.


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The Polish Ambassador

The Polish Ambassador (real name David Sugalski) is raising the bar for what it means to be a professionally touring musician. Sure, the electronic musician lays claim to producing the sweetest beats this side of the Milky Way Galaxy, but the world’s funkiest diplomat is also using his popularity to steer the millennial generation toward a nourishing and sustainable way of relating with art, community and the planet. From birthing the Permaculture Action Movement (a movement where the energy of show/festival goers is catalyzed into community action), to launching a Village Building Convergence in his hometown to creating a program where nutritious beverage options are available at music venues on a routed TPA tour, the ambassador is using his clout to make real, tangible change, and along the way inspiring hundreds of thousands.With a stack of 17 albums and countless remixes, the jumpsuited one ( that’s right…TPA rocks the freshest jumpsuit) has swirled together a cornucopia of music for your auditory senses…and your booty. Over the last decade, his sound has dipped and swirled through a staggering range of styles, each album exploring uncharted sonic territory. Warm, analogue dreamwave; mind-altering glitch; world-infused groove; bass-fueled breaks; sexified down-tempo; electric lullabies; and psy-fi funk are just a few of the genres that have poured from the Ambassador’s soul into earbuds and ghetto-blasters across the galaxy.In the live setting, expect to be taken on a masterfully crafted and evocative journey mixing old and new into an auditory canvas that will spark nostalgia, titilate your senses, and make you drop that bottom like it was ‘92…3092. All of that music you hear? It’s all created via solar power on TPA’s off-grid community homestead AND it’s available for free or “Name Your Price.” Just one of the ways The Ambassador says “Thank You” to all of the people out there who have supported the project along the way.So if TPA’s earth-space escalade is docking at a city or festival near you…dust off your onesie, get ready to boogie and gear up for an epic community action day. Welcome to the future, where we don’t just party. We party with a purpose.


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Mike Love

Revolutionary music may seem hard to come by in these days and times. Long gone is the era of artists like Bob Marley, The Clash, Stevie Wonder and Patti Smith getting airplay and bringing their messages to the masses. But that doesn’t mean that the revolution isn’t still brewing in the hearts and minds of many people around the globe.

Meet Mike Love. One of reggae music’s rising stars. Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii to a musical family that spans generations, Mike Love brings a multitude of influences to the table, all tied together by the common goal of making the world a better place.  Through the grassroots method of releasing his albums independently, on his own Love Not War Records label, and performing 250 plus shows a year, Love has built an ever growing following for his unique and inspiring music.  He has toured with many artists in the circles of conscious, roots music, including Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, Nahko and many more.  Over the past few years he performed to enthusiastic audiences at the California Roots Festival, Wakarusa, Wanderlust and the Montreal Jazz Fest, just to name a few. He has also enjoyed great success and exposure through the web on outlets like YouTube, with one of his videos just recently hitting 9 million views!

On his award winning debut album, The Change I’m Seeking, Love harkens the legends of roots reggae in both his lyrics and his sound, but never relies on any one genre to hold him down. Coming from a wealth of influences, Love fuses the simple rhythms of classic reggae with the complex changes of the classical and rock music he was first trained on to come up with a style wholly unique to him.  On his follow up album, Love Will Find A Way, released September 1st, 2015, Love further refines his sound and message, with grand and striking arrangements and deep heartfelt emotions, he takes you on a journey which many describe as “life changing”.  He calls for immediate and drastic change in environmental impact on “Step Lightly”, affirms his connection with fans on “I Love You, and shows a vulnerable and touching insight into his personal life on “Advaya’s Song” and “No Regrets”.  Following up with his most eclectic blend of styles, “Love Overflowing” perfectly compliments the previous release, with a downplayed mood of depth and reflection in the music.

But it’s his message, his passion, the wisdom behind his words that truly resonate with his fans. “It’s always been about the healing,” Mike Love explains, “I’ve never been into music that was shallow. I’m still learning about where I’m going and where I want to be. All the music is a learning tool for me too. I just make myself open to it and the messages come through. It’s just as teaching and healing for me as it is for anyone.”

His songs take you on a journey, one of healing and inspiration. One designed to help you on your path to knowledge, wisdom and understanding. On “Permanent Holiday” he takes you on a lyrical quest for freedom, both his and yours. He laments the ills of the world but also discusses solutions and ideas to change them. On “Earthlings” he sings about being vegan, about animal cruelty and about holding yourself accountable for your actions. These are songs with messages designed to affect change in a time when it is so desperately necessary.

Love and his band have already toured in the U.S., Canada, Central America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia.  Mike Love has shared the stage with artists like Michael Franti, Trevor Hall, Nahko & Medicine For The People, Xavier Rudd, Rebelution, John Butler Trio, Groundation, Steel Pulse, Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson.  2017 is shaping up to be a big year of even more growth for Love and his musical family with plenty of touring and work on a brand new record!


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Wildlight is the space between the notes, the earth’s undulating pulse, the modern echoes of ancient rhythms. It is a sound that will spark your body into motion and swing your soul into flight. An unlikely pairing of a folk songwriter and an electronic music composer has yielded a new sound; music that gracefully traverses human emotions, but can also jumpstart a party into a syncopated bounce.

While vocalist Ayla Nereo delicately crafts songs that climb and tumble through a landscape of crescendos and harmonies, seasoned composer David Sugalski (aka The Polish Ambassador) keeps the beats and bass rooted deep in the subatomic layers of the earth.


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Dustin Thomas

Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lot of love- Wild-hearted globe-trotter Dustin Thomas is making waves from America to Australia with his infectious blend of beat-box/soul-folk. Armed with his voice, a guitar, and universal anthems of love and war; this young singer-songwriter continues to inspire hearts around the world on his mission of peace, joy, and unity. As a touring artist Dustin Thomas is known worldwide for his captivating and unifying performances and soulfully crafted sing-a-longs. As a recording artist, Dustin has built a unique grassroots following online and boasts over a half a million streams on his website alone. Truly a man of the road, Dustin Thomas has shared the stage with the biggest names in conscious music including SOJA, Xavier Rudd, Trevor Hall, Rising Appalachia, and Nahko and Medicine for The People. As an advocate for both social and environmental justice, Dustin Thomas uses his platform to inspire both awareness and consciousness about important issues and writes music that encourages all people from all walks of life to work through the hard times, appreciate the good times, and ultimately to love themselves, love the planet, and love each other.


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Chris Berry & Bana Kuma Orchestra

Join us at camp Bana Kuma/Mystic Rising and create an epic performance to be shared at the closing ceremonies on Sunday night of this mini festival this year.

If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing, If your heart beats you can drum, If you play an instrument then it you should bring!

We will dance, drum, sing and play in honor of the four elements. All instruments are welcome.

Our performance will invoke archetypes that represent universal wisdom and through intention we will bring this wisdom to life.

Instead of watch this go down you are invited to be a part of it and join us on stage.

If you sign up for the workshop journey (starting on Thursday) you will get to learn the material and the wisdom behind it. Our days will be filled with music and dance and nights with story and song. This is a very special opportunity to create the energy as a foundation on the Friday before Mystic opens up to the rest of the festival.

Don’t let culture create you, we are the creators of culture. See you there!


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Jah Levi


Originally from Philadelphia, JAH LEVI, the son of record producer and world renown folklorist Kenneth S. Goldstein, first learned guitar from the late Rev. Gary Davis in the 1960’s, and later learned bass guitar as his “main” instrument. After studying music with many great master musicians and teachers, he majored in Ethnomusicology and world music studies. A trained herbalist and acupuncturist, he is “livicated” to proliferating consciousness through proper living “standing up to do the right thingJAH LEVI AND THE HIGHER REASONING, are world class musicians who are versatile enough to spontaneously perform all genres of music. His ability as a band leader is exemplified by the trust and loyalty of his group, several of whom have been with him since the group’s beginning and many who return (from the far corners of the globe) to perform year after year. They perform a unique blend of Reggae-Rastafarian music that is spiritually uplifting and fun to dance to. JAH LEVI founded THEOCRATIC RECORDS, one of the first independent reggae record labels in america, and JAH WORKS STUDIOS, the first solar powered digital (24-bit) recording studio in the world.

JAH LEVI has performed on the same stage with many reggae, folk and pop super stars such as: Ziggy Marley, Burning Spear, Ijahman Levi, Ras Michael, Culture, Israel Vibration, The Itals, Wailing Souls, Bob Dylan, The Persuasions, Peter Gabriel, Black Uhuru, Andrew Tosh, The Wailers, Hamsa Lila, Lost at Last, etc. He has also performed at festivals worldwide such as: the Glastonbury Festival in England, the Philadelphia Folk Fest, Reggae on the river, and the Seattle Hemp Fest and has played a large majority of the major music venues in North America. He has enjoyed chart action with his music on radio and Television around the world.

He is a world class musician with over 20 albums out, and 25 years of touring and performing his unique blend of Reggae / world fusion worldwide. He is well known for his abilities as a band leader, and is an independent music producer and engineer as well. His music continues to influence people with a powerful synergy of uplifting music and thought provoking lyrics, truly medicine for the hungry and afflicted soul, spreading a message of love and unity for all beings.


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Satsang is a conscious music collective. Creating a unique blend of soul, folk-rock and hip-hop, Satsang delivers lyrics that come from and are rooted in change, growth, awareness, and imperfection.  The live show is everything that the band name suggests: a gathering of people to assimilate and share their truths. The rhythms put forth by the band keep everyone on their feet, and the lyrics leave them craving active and positive change. Satsang has toured all over the country and has shared the stage with the likes of Michael Franti & Spearhead, Steel Pulse, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Trevor Hall, Chris Berry, Mike Love, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Tubby Love, and many more.

Lead singer and songwriter Drew McManus creates music for his soul, fueled by the ever present task of personal growth and the beautiful life that he found in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. Commenting on his difficult upbringing in Des Moines and residency in Chicago, McManus says, “I grew up in an environment where aggression, violence, abuse, and addiction were always present. It made me a lot of things; angry, sad, and ashamed. I hated my story and I was a slave to addiction. I tried for so long to hide from the reality of my story and the reality of how beautiful life could be.” It wasn’t until an intense spiritual experience lead Drew to break his cycle of addiction. “I had changed my entire outlook on everything” say McManus, “I began to realize that had everything not happened to me exactly like it did, I would not be exactly who/where/what I am right now.” In an effort to share his revelation with others who may be in the same predicament, Drew began to write every day. “I was flooded with the urge to write down the lessons that kept revealing themselves in this surrender. And the connections I began making with other people by making this music vulnerable and open, began to change everything.” These songs are a statement of lessons learned and a further understanding of self. “The whole story is what makes it beautiful, not just the good bits.”

On March 20th, 2017 the band released their sophomore full length album Pyramid(s) on the Rootfire Cooperative Label, featuring guest appearances by Nahko Bear and Tim Snider of Medicine For The People, Wookiefoot, Tubby Love, and Grammy Award winner Chris Berry.  It’s safe to say Satsang is well underway to a big year.


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David Starfire

David Starfire is a world-renowned producer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ that is known for his signature “global-glitch-bass” sound. His niche is mixing world instruments and fusing them with modern beats. For his DJ sets, he often performs with percussion and various world instruments such as the phin (Thai lute) or the tumbi from India. His sound has brought him to perform at some of the most amazing places on earth, including the Pyramids of Giza, The Coliseum at Caesars Palace and Coachella.

David has performed at festivals and shows along with some of the biggest electronic artists including Skrillex, Bassnectar, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Diplo and countless others. He’s performed around the world in exotic places such as India, Thailand, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia and most major cities in Europe. Festival highlights include Coachella, Winter Music Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Love Parade, Outside Lands, Electric Picnic (Ireland), Shambhala(Canada), Burning Man and Wakarusa.

David has released 4 albums and 6 EPs in the last 10 years as well as various singles and remixes. David’s Ascend album reached #7 on the iTunes world music chart and # 5 on the RPM and World music CMJ charts. His songs have been remixed by the likes of Govinda, iLL Gates, An-Ten-Nae, Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique), Kalya Scintilla and Kaya Project.

David’s songs are featured on several TV, cable, movies and video games. Some highlights include Lie to Me (FOX), Outsourced (NBC), Live with Kelly Ripa (ABC), ESPN2, Fox Sports, MTV, MTV2, Fuse, Showtime, HBO, EA sports and a Right Guard commercial. His songs are featured on several music compilations including Sony, Lonely Planet, Red Bull, Craig’s List, and his song “Shout it Out” was regular rotation at Starbucks.

David’s signature sound has led him to perform public and private shows for Lucas films, Samsung, Sprint, Beats Audio, Google, Siemens, Nokia, HP, Symantec, Virgin Galactic, Roland, Digg, MacWorld, Best Buy, Flaunt Magazine, CAA, Red Bull, Warner Music, Atlantic Music, Industrial Light and Magic, Chobani Yogurt, Hotel W, City of San Francisco and many others.

David has collaborated with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Ooah (of the Glitch Mob), Natacha Atlas, Cheb i Sabbah, Gaudi, Govinda, Ganga Giri, FreQ Nasty, Desert Dwellers, Beats Antique, William Close and members of Beck’s band. He produced an official remix for reggae king, Sizzla and he’s had two #1 bootleg remixes on the Hype Machine that included the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. In 2015 he released an album from his side project with FreQ Nasty called The Dub Kirtan All Stars that features the Grammy Nominated singer Chaytanya.

David is currently touring in support of his latest album, Karuna, where he traveled to the Thai-Burma border-zones to collaborate with Burmese refugee musicians, which was a first for an electronic artist. All of the proceeds go towards a non-profit to pay for education for Burmese refugee children. Other collaborators on the album are Alex Grey (the well-known visionary painter), William Close and the Earth Harp (runner up on America’s Got Talent), and Govinda. The album cover was designed by the world-renowned digital painter, Android Jones.

Looking towards the future, David will be releasing a “Karuna” remix album and a new EP this fall with heavy tracks for the dance floor that conjures up tribal music with elements of future bass and hip hop.

Billboard “David Starfire brings a unique perspective.”

BBC Radio “One of the most brilliant world-fusion producers of our time.”

DJ Times “a wealth of heavy bass and world music influences…”

VIBE Magazine “L.A.-based music producer/DJ David Starfire is known best for his seamless fusion of signature bass styles with a diversity of music genres, including world and hip-hop.”

Huffington Post “His undeniable swagger of instrumentation between beats is exceptional.”

Yahoo Voices “A driving force in the tightly knit underground music community stringing from LA to SF.”


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Tubby Love & Amber Lilly

From the garden to the globe, Tubby Love is gathering the tribe. Born David Andrew Terrett, Tubby’s  physical, spiritual, and musical transformation has been a testimony to the power of human evolution. Music has been the catalyst for deepening his connection to life and also a bridge for sharing his journey with others.  Calling the island of Kauai home has set forth a Roots Family movement involving regenerative land and energy practices connecting communities inter-island and worldwide. Tubby and his partner Amber Lily have been blessed to create a soundtrack for this movement alongside artists like Medicine For The People, Dustin Thomas, Wookiefoot, Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Nattali Rize, Paul Izak, Rising Appalachia, Cas Haley, as well as other artists with a similar message. In a time of much needed change, Tubby Love is unifying the people through music and addressing real issues to inspire solutions.


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Mikey Pauker

Mikey Pauker is a Folk/World artist hailing from Oakland, CA. His music written in Hebrew, English and Sanskrit described as “Medicine Music,” is inspired by mystical teachings and spiritual experience and connects to people from all faith. Pauker has gained a significant following all over the world due to the publishing of his songs, features in TIME and radio play on KROQ and WFUV. Mikey has shared the stage with Matisyahu, Shamans Dream, Trevor Hall, Kaminanda, Tubby Love, Dustin Thomas, Cas Haley, Yo La Tengo, Idan Raichel, Yair Delal, Local Natives.
Now working with EDM icon Siren, and having just released The “SAGES EP ” he blends folk and reggae with electronic beats.  He has recently performed at Flow Fest on the Big Island w/ Tubby Love, Dustin Thomas, Mike Love, Shamans Dream. Having just performed at SXSW in Austin and Lucidity in Santa Barbara, he will be heading out on a summer festival tour this year.
Watch his new music video SAGES ( Featuring The Oakland Ecstatic Dancing Community):
SAGES Music Video Medicine Live Music Video Directed by Grototote:

Here is a link to stream the SAGES EP:




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One Tribe

The ONE TRIBE Movement

One People, One Nation, One Family. ONE TRIBE is a declaration of our global togetherness. This music is the harmonic convergence of Tubby Love, Amber Lily, Jordan Walker, Tha Mammoth, and Kelli Love. Rooted in their love for the land, these artists have come to share inspirations for the healing of the Earth.
ONE TRIBE is gathering to bring music, plant medicines, and the message of oneness to the world. Navigating through challenges that we as a global family face, ONE TRIBE artistically expresses and informs through solution based thinking. Their intention is to unify and ignite local communities with song dance and prayer as a life style in tune with the rhythms of the natural world.


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Bana Kuma Orchestra (with Chris Berry)

Bana Kuma is a wisdom tradition and a word that sees our creative power as a sacred gift. Our ability to make ethereal thoughts manifest in the physical is Bana Kuma and each person possesses this power.

Chris Berry’s Bana Kuma is based on the ancient concept that music and dance is a form of prayer that includes the community erasing the lines between performer and observer.

Through a series of workshops participants are taught 4 pieces that represent the 4 elements. The Bana Kuma likens these 4 elements to the creative process: Air is thought, Fire transformation and water is the feeling or emotion that gives brith to the final manifestation which is seen as the element of earth.

These pieces are inclusive in that they cater to profesional musicians and dancers as well as total novices. Chris Berrys masterful compositions include challenges for the most seasoned musicans as well as simpler parts for the total beginner. As Chris was taught in Zimbabwe, “If you can walk you can dance if you can talk you can sing.

Several days of workshops are held to learn the material. These workshops culminate in a prayer-formance that can be done as a private ceremony or on stage for thousands. The Bana Kuma orchestra includes drums, marimbas, dance, song and all varieties of western instruments. Chris Berrys Bana Kuma is heavily african inspired but there are many other influences intertwined making it a truly eclectic experience.

A group intention or prayer is decided upon before beginning the Bana Kuma journey. Also each individual is encouraged to use the music and dance as a personal prayer. The effects of these prayers has been documented in thousands of people being healed or experiencing massive changes in their day to day lives.

Participating and or witnessing a Bana Kuma is said to have profound inspirational effect. In the tradition of Bana Kuma there are no teachers or teachings, priests or sermons, leaders and followers. Instead one is encouraged to example their own Bana kuma or creation. As an initiate of the Bana Kuma tradition Chris Berry’s exampleship of his Bana Kuma has inspired countless people to follow their dreams around the world.

We have all felt the power of music and dance but have we truly explored its full potential. We invite you to experience music that uses sacred geometry and symatics as its base and strong intention as its guide. Experience a dance and music whose very essence welcomes and is supported by the unseen realms.

For more info please visit


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FREEDOM has been a favorite at festivals for many years. In addition how celebrated Freedom and his music is, the other members of his previous incarnation comprising “Freedom Tribe” have included Sasha Butterfly, Tina Malia, Al Torre and Stephen Roush have all gone on to create other well-loved musical projects! You never know who might step in and join Freedom and with every configuration of his band Freedom brings it with potent medicine, transformation and a clear dimension of liberation and an experiential glimpse of how “we resurrect Eden lost with every song that we sung!”

Born in the Northland.
Here to Raise the Vibration.
We could give you a typical bio, drop names and tell you who he has played with and where.
Let’s just skip that part.
Freedom’s Music is Medicine.
Truly Undefinable.
Full with Beautiful Potent Poetry of True Substance and Relevance.
Ringing an Ancient Bell and Invoking Spirit Presence.
Freedom is Good for your Soul.
Be Here and Hear for Yourself.



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Living Prism’s conductor and one of Portland’s best-kept secrets, ĐÅR, has been DJing around the globe for over 15 years. You won’t find ĐÅR’s tracks, mixes or DJ pictures online – you’d just have to be there, in the desert, the warehouse or on the mountain, when the magic unfolds.

What should you expect from ĐÅR’s set at Mystic Rising? Get ready for… ‘Bootyism,’ ĐÅR’s new musical religion that will provide you with the dance medicine and help you unleash your inner divine gangsta.


Chad Wilkins

Mystic Minstrel, Chad Wilkins, is an American/Australian singer-songwriter bringing heart-songs that reveal a better way for a generation in transitional times on our planet! From his lively, progressive grooves, to his deeply prayerful chants, spanning many genres, Chad’s rootsy folk anthems carry themes of love, gratitude, risk, honour, and pure vibrant LIFE(!) – giving voice to our cry for spiritual transformation, harmony with the Earth, and hope for a bright future.
Touring extensively, Chad’s performance style is unique and spontaneous – whether performing solo, with his full band, or anywhere in between, he guides his listeners through an interactive journey ranging from dancing celebration to mindful meditation to sing-along declarations.
Chad released his first full-length album “Show Us The Way Of The Heart” in 2014, and in 2015 his most recent release “This New Ancient Paradigm”, featuring the single “Live Love”.


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Trill LeBeau

Trill LeBeau is the singer of a band he founded called Cosmic Serenity. He & his band have played at festivals such a Shangrala, Flow Fest and others. A number of our favorite musicians have joined him on stage including those playing at Mystic Rising 2017 such as Tubby Love, One Tribe (Preach and Kelli Love, Al Torre and others. His songs have heart and passion and a tribal cathartic strength to move through, let go and feel more alive again!

In Trill’s own words: “I am the Lead Vocalist of a band Call’d ” Cosmic Serenity ” And We Are But Old Sckool Hippie’s and a Gipsy Traveling Band . We are two fellow luminous beings riding the wave of musical medicine. With a side note of comedy, and eccentric yet eclectic style of fashion, and a folksy sound and gypsy vibe that amps up a crowd and keeps you moving your head, tapping your feet… or just get up and lay the boogie down! “


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Sasha Rose

Sasha “Butterfly” has been immersed in music since a young age. With a background in acoustic music, she started playing guitar at age 14 and began writing her own music and lyrics. She began playing with the band Freedom Tribe at 17 and played the festival circuit up and down the west coast, hawaii and Australia. When she was 20 she began the Sasha Butterfly band, who continued to play mainly the festival circuts. The influences in those years were huge as she branched out to be the background singer for acts such as Jai Uttal and the Pagan love Orchestra, Prezident Brown, Hamzalila, Tina Malia, Shimshai, Jah Levi, and Blayne Lyon. She also began appearing with acts such as Zilla (members of String Cheese), and The Everyone Orchestra. Many worlds were bridged through her music. She can perform as either an acoustic trio, A full funky band, or a solo electronic act. All with the common thread of her soulful, angelic vocal style. She has played at festivals such as, Earthdance, High Sierra, The Oregon Country Fair, Health and Harmony, Whole Earth, Symbiosis, Emergensee, The Arlington Garlic Festival, Reggae on the River, and many more. The music is a soulful gypsy fusion of rich melodies and funky beats, with a common theme of conscious lyrics and a voice to soothe your soul.


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Alokananda is a pioneer of the ascension age offering his unique gifts and passions which embody a focus on heart centered living, grounding the mystical and supporting the process of self-mastery and planetary service. Known as a healer of healers, he serves as a guide for conscious creators, leaders and high achievers that are here to make a lasting positive impact on the planet. He teaches and speaks on the subjects of Ascension, community building, holistic living, self-mastery, sacred relating, and integrative spirituality.

With a foundation in Bio-energetics therapy, he has spent the last decade completely immersed in study, facilitation and apprenticing under Wisdom Keepers, Elders and Master Healers and Teachers in multiple lineages. Alokananda is also a committed and evolving singer-songwriter and poet under his solo music project, collaborations and with his band Suns of the Earth. He is the co-founder of Planetary Solutions, and continues to support and assist the building of vibrant and empowered community as a visionary, connector and catalyst for multiple projects. Alokananda often travels to teach, speak, share music or facilitate trainings and sacred space for groups and individuals. He is based in Ojai & Maui.


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Summit Jaffe, as Numatik, offers fresh and timelessly deep sonic expressions of love and gratitude. Currenty nestled in the ancient mountains of Appalachia, Summit has been digging deeper and deeper into his creative outlets in a mission of self-discovery and unfoldment. After experimenting with and learning the intricacies of analog synthesis at a young age, he became enthralled in the infinite creative potential of digital production. Through spiritual practices, ancient plant medicines, and the synchronized cosmic flux, Summit has stepped gently into deeper awareness of what it means to be here on Earth. Numatik is a project that brings together his spiritual awareness and tactical production knowledge, resulting in deeply connected sonic landscapes, pulsing with ever evolving freshness. By the cultivation of sacred sonic space, Numatik transforms dance floors into containers for free expression of the divinity within us, guided by music infused with the organic sounds of breath, natural sounds, shamanic vocals and occasional ethnic instrumentation. The majority of recent Numatik sets have also featured different vocalists and performers, speaking powerful invocations, singing deep shamanic chants, and spitting improvised spirit raps with fiery intent. Numatik brings a truly unique offering into the collective, cocreative mind of worldwide conscious EDM. Numatik has shared the stage with sonic wizards like Tipper, Random Rab, Kalya Scintilla, The Polish Ambassador, Govinda, Rising Appalachia, Alex & Allyson Grey, Bluetech, Akara, Thriftworks, Desert Dwellers, Aligning Minds, Futexture, Push/Pull, and more… “Channeling transmissions direct from the galactic core, this prodigy’s potential has been palpable from the start – a clear testament to the djedis rising up in these accelerating times. It wasn’t until this year’s Gratifly that the game changed, however, and he stepped up to play his first all-original set. Now, just two months from this monumental shift, Numatik’s debut EP has dropped – along with everyone’s jaws.” – Taylor Pearon of Tribal Council Collective


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Maesyn is a singer-songwriter / violinist / music producer. She has been classically trained on violin and piano since the age of 4, & also plays guitar and whistles. She weaves fun funky beats with elements of classical, Pop, gypsy jazz, and folk into her own breed of slinky swingy cabaret. She alchemizes life reflections into song spells, singing her way home and embedding uplifting reminders of Truth into the subconscious mind.


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Matthew Human

In addition to being a gifted singer/songwriter, Matthew Human is also an outspoken proponent of small farmer’s rights and protecting the world’s food and water supply from big agri-business. His commitment to food justice and ending the corporate stranglehold on our crops is evident on such spirited anthems as “Clean Food” and “Monsanto Go Away,” which The Human Revolution played almost continuously on a 350 mile march from Brooklyn New York to Washington DC, culminating at the White House on international food day in 2011.


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David Kai

Having grown up in a family of musicians in Southern California, David Kai was raised with both song and ocean in his heart and spirit. As a kid, David found his first musical love when he began playing the drums. He spent many years thereafter playing drums in punk rock bands, skateboarding on the streets, and surfing in the ocean. After high school, David followed the path of music which led him inevitably to the expansive universe of the Grateful Dead and those who followed. At this point, David had been playing the guitar for a while and was writing his own songs. Fully equipped with a free spirit and his guitar, David began traveling and hitchhiking all over the US, writing songs, meeting people, and paving his path. He finally landed in Hawaii, where he stayed for many years.

Through his journeys, David was blessed to connect with Native Tribal elders from both North and South America. These elders continue to share with him their teachings and songs through ceremonial ways and have taught him a way of life. These teachings have had a profound influence on David and his music.

David now lives in Southern Oregon and spends much of his time traveling, seeking the ocean, and sharing the spirit of his music.

His newest album, “AWAKE,” was released in January 2014.


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Windsong Martin is a singer songwriter currently residing in Williams, Southern Oregon, U.S.A. She lives with her family on a beautiful piece of land, at the foot of Greyback Mountain, graced by a rushing mountain creek, blessed by a fresh water spring and beautiful forest in the Siskiyou Mountains.

Windsong accompanies herself with a variety of instruments including the guitar, dulcimer, and rattle. Her style ranges from folk ballads, to tribal rhythms, to reggae beats. Her lyrics evoke images of the power and beauty of nature and the vision of a compassionate humanity. Thru the years she has become a voice for the preservation and appreciation of the natural world sharing her songs at ceremonies, benefits, concerts, festivals and rallies, teaching songs to many and inspiring unity and hope in a time of uncertainty.


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Uprising Movement

The Uprising Movement’s call to action is one to inspire. After a wonderful debut year of festival shows and traveling, the Uprising Movement has taken their love of freestyle collaboration from the campfire, the river, and festival campsites, to the stages. They Played Shangri-La, Project Earth, Oregon Country Fair, Chris Berry’s Flow Festival, and Blessed Coast last year, with Summer Meltdown, NW World Reggae Festival, OCF, and Shangri-La on the calendar for this summer. They are currently recording their anticipated debut album, with their first single being We Are Love Featuring Tim Snider of Medicine for the People.

“Music has the power to heal as well as transform, and we are honored to serve as messengers and practitioners of this art. Our intent and purpose is to uplift, inspire, educate, and unify our community and youth towards positive personal growth.”


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Welcome to JAMeeSHKA, where two lovestruck planetoids, James Caran and Ishka Lha, have marvelously morphed into a musical duo spaceship! They will strike your heart chords with raw vocal power, positivity, and poetry on a number of subjects ranging from love and loss to devotion, desire, and corporate insanity. But more than anything they’re a call to unity. Each JAMeeSHKA set is an eclectic blend of original compositions and improvisation using guitar, drum, outlandish vocal play, and some sneaky sonic twerkery. Oh yeah, and definitely some obscure instrument cameos. You’ll be amazed that there are no computers involved in the creation of their musical melting pot. Expect a journey that you’ll never hear quite the same way twice.



Sweat Your Prayers with Jacia…a 5 rhythms dance wave

This workshop will be designed in a Sweat Your Prayers 5 Rhythms Wave style. Jacia will introduce the practice and offer some grounding meditation , and body part opening practice before she D.J’s a hour and a half long dance through using the rhythms of flowing, stacchato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. This is an amazing way to ground and embody your love and prayers within the context of the festival.

About Jacia Kornwise

Jacia Kornwise has been working as a dance teacher, a guide, and a spiritual minister, educator, and healer for 20 years. Her life is dedicated to helping people open to their authentic embodiment, love, heart, creativity and aliveness. She brings a contagious joy for life and a open heart to her work.


Awakening the illuminated Heart – a journey into the Sacred Space of your Heart

Join Viola on a deep experiential journey into your Heart and connect
with your Higher Self. We will discuss the work of Drunvalo
Melchizedek, Sacred Geometry and LightBody activation (MerKaBa) .
learn to live and create our life from the Unity of the heart, instead of
the duality of the mind. This is ancient teachings brought into modern
understandings, making it easy for us to connect to the Quantum
Sngularity within ourselves, within us all.

About viola rose

Viola Rose is a certified teacher of drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of
Remembering and facilitator of Awakening the Illuminated heart
workshops. She lives in Portland Oregon, travelling regularly
offering Drunvalos teaching of living in the Heart and activating the
Merkaba (lightbody). She brings her joy and enthusiasm to this
precious work.
Visit her website for more information:


Dancing Freedom

Dance the sweet, passionate, hungry, heartful truth birthing in every breath of your beautiful human life. Dance your gratitude, your willingness to ask for help, and the unfettered awesomeness of your deepest dreams. Give it up on the elemental wave of our shared dance. Sweaty prayers liberate our souls and elevate our lives.

About Samantha Sweetwater

A veteran transformational facilitator, ceremonial leader and vision journey guide with 25+ years of experience under her wings, Samantha gently yet boldly invites you to unburden yourself from yourself, choose your happy, purposeful life, and to co-create a regenerative culture of peace for All Beings. She is the founder and director of Dancing Freedom, PeaceBody Japan, and Movement Makers Mentoring. She has trained over 200 Dancing Freedom facilitators internationally and is currently working on her first book, More Life Please.


Embodying Permaculture, Embodying Ecology, Generation Waking Up, Expressive and Healing Arts, Singing Alive: Awaken Your Songbird, Eco-Poetics and SomgWeaving

Embodying Permaculture
The Embodying Permaculture Workshop is an experience designed to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit with the values and principles of permaculture. As facilitators we will take participants through a journey of body centered awareness practices including transformational theater, embodied movement, guided music creation, vinyasa yoga flow, and guided visualization meditations activating the 5 senses and permaculture. We will engage in interactive games and exercises for each of the 5 senses. We will also facilitate a Solutionary discussion counsel where the participants will have the opportunity to share their vision of being a co-creative change-maker in a thriving sustainable community. When we are fully in alignment with our true selves as multidimensional beings, we develop a strong connection to ourselves, our community and our environment.

Eco-Poetics and Song-weaving:
Through this transformational co-creative process, we guide participants through a journey of free-flow writing and song sharing.

Generation Waking Up
The Generation Waking Up “Wake Up Experience” is a four phase journey that lays out the context of our current planetary situation and dives into a council of generating solution. These four phases are: 1) Who are we? (As individuals, as a generation, and as an inter-generational community) 2) Where Are We? (In regards to the ideal thriving, just and sustainable world wish wish to live in) 3) What’s going on? (Global Challenges) & 4) What has to change? (Solutions)
Through interactive exercises, discussions and activities, participants will gain an expanded awareness of our planet’s great story, and our part in it as active changemakers and solution generators.

More workshop offerings can be found here:!about3/c1mvz

About Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Anna Combi (Anahata)

Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Anna Combi (Anahata) are earth activist musicians, permaculture designers, and transformational paradigm shifters. They have facilitated countless community workshops, retreats, gatherings, concerts and permaculture action events together in North, South and Central America. They are co-organizers of Blooming Biodiversity Tour which spanned the West Coast Fall 2015, offering events that brought together communities in transformational celebration to learn and practice permaculture. They have both studied eco-psychology, herbalism, and expressive arts. They have completed the Earth Activist Training Permaculture Design Course taught by Starhawk. They were recently interns at Arkana Alliance, an indigenous rainforest activism organization in Peru, and are now back on the West Coast pollinating the regenerative paradigm through their expressive permaculture activist work.


Exploration of Psychedelics / Entheogens with Martin Ball

Join Author Martin Ball as he facilitates a forum on psychedelics and entheogens.

About Martin Ball

Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., is a writer, independent publisher, energy worker, visionary artist, and musician currently living in Ashland Oregon. In the spring of 2009 Martin underwent a profound energetic opening and transformation – the result of intensive work with entheogenic medicines and a year of profound self-exploration. The result is Martin’s articulation of what he calls the “Entheological Paradigm,” a Grand Unified Theory of all of reality from God to the direct experience of each human being, which he characterizes as an articulation of his view on “radical nonduality.” His approach is unique in that he sees the tension between duality and nonduality not as a spiritual or religious issue, but as an energetic issue that can best be addressed through the intentional use of powerful entheogens, such as 5-MeO-DMT. As such, his approach is thoroughly practical, straight-forward, and free of metaphysics, speculation, and attachment to spiritual or religious ideologies and mythologies. The result is a view of the nature of reality and the self that is challenging, liberating, and powerfully transformative, pointing to the true nature of being and personal responsibility as an energetic being.


Priestess Portal with Graell Corsini

Join Graell for a ceremonial adventure focusing on your connection to your body as temple and the land as temple.

About Graell Corsini

Graell Corsini is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess, a Mari-Morgan Clan member, workshop and retreat facilitator, Priestess birth and death attendant, goddess temple raiser, and a ceremonial dance performer. Her grounded practicality fuses with walking the Path of Sacred Living in a most epic Mythic existance. She raises the God & Goddess within you.

Graell is the Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, USA and has supported raising Goddess Temples around the world. Graell has been intimately involved in the Goddess Conference of Glastonbury UK since 2006. She annually serves the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in any way needed, as well as Tempio della Grande Dea of Rome, Italy, both Temples are the first of their kind, in their location, to be rasised in over two thousand years.


Ecstatic Dance & Breathwork for Deep Healing *** Who Am I? An Exploration of Yoga, Psychedelics & Enlightenment

Ecstatic Dance & Breathwork for Deep Healing

This workshop combines sacred music, movement and a powerful breathing practice (similar to Holotropic Breathwork) to release deep trauma from the tissues and facilitate a greater feeling of wellness and wholeness. The workshop presenter, Allowah Lani, has years of experience in guiding these sessions. All will be held in a safe and loving container. Come for what is more often than not a transformational experience!

2 Hours

Who Am I? An Exploration of Yoga, Psychedelics & Enlightenment

Join author, yoga teacher and musician Allowah Lani for an in-depth exploration of yoga and plant medicine, particularly with an eye to how the two complement each other. This will be a fun, funny and interactive multi-media presentation that is based on Allowah’s recently published book, Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment. 90 minutes.

About Allowah Lani

I’ve taught at several Mystics in the past, all with very positive feedback. I’ve been doing yoga for 21 years and have a yoga school (Yoga Quest University) that has offered close to 30 Yoga Teacher Trainings over the years. I’m perhaps not the most famous yogi on the planet, but I do feel these workshops will draw a good number. As I said, I will also do my part to help promote and bring as many people as possible.


1. Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation 2. Kundalini Yoga and Alchemy 3. Mystic Rising Mudra Therapy 4.BreathPlay for Tantric Alchemy

1. Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation:
Zero Point Yoga:

Contact Improvisation:

Weight-sharing, points of contact, falling, rolling, spiraling and embodied listening are all integrated into a seamless flow within CI. Come and explore these skills and build confidence, coordination, communication and compassion. The class will end with a 30-45min dance/jam (or possibly round-robin) where we will apply these super fun and relevant skills in a 100% natural and organic, free-flowing, completely improvisational dance.

Contact Improvisation (CI) is similar to Nature in that it’s artistic qualities are often considered to be primal, physical, and interconnected. Dance unites physical bodies in motion with abstract qualities such as space, time, gravity and other unseen forces such as emotion, intention, and awareness. CI often lends its artistic weight primarily to the exploration of these naturally occurring physical and energetic interactions in lieu of favoring more conceptual or emotional inquiries that other art and dance forms may choose to regard instead.

2 Kundalini Yoga and Alchemy: The Fiery Serpent of Wisdom

Yoga to Awaken Gnosis

def: gno·sis

1. n. Act or process of knowing.

2. n. Intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths, an esoteric form of knowledge sought by the Gnostics.

3. n. An altered state of awareness in which the will is magically effective.

When given the opportunity to harness the wisdom and power that before was out of your reach, would you take it? This is your opportunity to activate and extend an infinite amount of Living Light through your self and to others. Come and learn to wake up that which you’ve been seeking, and which has been seeking you.

The eclipse season is the perfect time to awaken and expand your radiance throughout your electro-magnetic field and into the surrounding ethers. This special course will focus on specific sacred practices that awaken Kundalini Shakti and increase magnetism, vitality and prosperity.

Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation your glandular and nervous systems are stimulated into balance, and your capacity for creativity and connection is heightened. You gain inner vitality to compensate for the adverse effects of stress so you can excel in life. Kundalini Yoga is practiced to give you an experience of your own infinity. Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation you begin to harness the universal energy, prana, in order to direct the mind towards the reality of the soul.

3. Mystic Rising Mudra Therapy Workshop:

Mudras and Mantras for Planetary Power.

In this workshop we will literally learn to dance with planetary energies that are available to us in our daily lives. We will explore the relationship between the seven planetary energies and our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycles. Most significantly you will experience seven “planetary” meditations to harness the seven potent energies and protect yourself from negative planetary influences, as well as lear a variety of mantras and mudras to activate your creativity, prosperity and innate healing powers.

Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation your glandular and nervous systems are stimulated into balance, and your capacity for creativity and connection is heightened. You gain inner vitality to compensate for the adverse effects of stress so you can excel in life. Kundalini Yoga is practiced to give you an experience of your own infinity. Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation you begin to harness the universal energy, prana, in order to direct the mind towards the reality of the soul.

4. BreathPlay for Tantric Alchemy

The practice of conscious breathing is the single most essential component of the alchemical corpus. This workshop will focus on Tantric BreathPlay for connection, alchemy and self-cultivation. Drawing from Kundalini Yoga and other wisdom praxis we will uncover our own unique relationship to the breath of life and explore the multiple pathways (nadis), vayus (winds), and elements that lead to a fulfilling breathing practice.

As Anna Halpern profoundly states, “Dance (or yoga/movement) is the breath made visible.” Come experience how reality manifest from the unseen to the manifest with every breath we take both in our own space and with others. Breathwork, yoga/ movement, mudra, mantra, and contact improvisation are all possible components to this class. Come with an open heart and ready to dive deep into your being.

About Ganesha Michael Shapiro

1. Ganesha Michael Shapiro
IKYTA Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Contact Improvisation and Conscious Movement Facilitator
Founder of DharmaDance

Ganesha will expertly guide you into embodying your essence, wisdom and creativity in both profound and subtle ways. He effortlessly draws from more than 15 years of experience in Hatha, Raja, Kundalini and Tantric Yogas, a multitude of healing modalities, and many years of practicing Contact Improvisation and other moving meditations including Ecstatic Dance and The 5Rhythms. Trained as a Healing Science and Energy Healing Practitioner at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, he enjoys being a catalyst to help each person re-connect to primal awareness and intuition, their self-sensory system, and their physical bodies through somatic healing techniques, movement research and consciousness exploration. Ganesha co-teaches and offers a one-of-a kind Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at the Golden Temple in Lake Atitlan, Guetemala and is the founder of DharmaDance, a conscious movement practice combining contact improvisation and somatic awareness practices.


The Shaman in You

Power is not found by forcing ourselves, but rather by finding our Self. If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a Journey. A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where awaits your total empowerment and joyful enlightenment. Storytelling, brief discussion and experiential shamanic journeying with medicine chants and live drumming.

About Holly Baade

Holly is a spirit-initiated shaman and founder of The Joyful Warrior Shaman School. With haunting medicine chants and sweet invocations, she takes up her drum to open a portal to where spirit, lives. Through sacred story and spiritual allegory, she paints a picture of the Soul’s Journey in the Shaman’s Territory. Each experience with Holly, is a shamanic journey in disguise.

Holly has presented at Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust and The California Spirit Festival. She is a Masterful Spirit Guide and Shamanic Spell-Caster who Holds Light and teaches how to Live with Spirit & Bring Love to Life.


Avatar’s Guide Visionary Nourishment

Extraordinary health and vitality is possible when you feed your body the proper fuel. Eternal Health, Youthful Glowing Beauty, Superior Performance, Lusty Libido are all available to you. Come learn effective strategies and easy recipes to nourish your Inner Avatar and support your body in looking, feeling and performing better than ever. Learn delicious recipes with powerful ingredients that have anticancer properties, increase libido, fuel your workout, and promote greater health, vitality and natural energy. Enjoy a tasting experience.

About Jillian Love

Jillian Love creates engaging sensory experiences with the fusion of food, entertainment, education and fun Jillian is a change agent & pioneer in the conscious cuisine & sustainable health movement. Certified Raw Chef, M. Ed. Counseling, Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. Jillian teaches classes and offers one on one trainings and life and nutrition optimization coaching. She also provides chef services and offers menu development in the USA and internationally.


Yoga Offerings

Vinyassa fusine flow

The flow that I offer combines vinyassa flow elements/postures with postures from the Bikram sequence. It is invigorating and works the whole body.

Taught by: Noa Lakshmi

Reggae Ashae Yoga combines Raja Yoga technique with Capoeira movements, creating flow with strong transitions to live high-vibe reggae music.

Reggae Ashae is a completely new practice born out of my love for yoga, capoeira and high-vibe reggae music. There are elements of African dance in the warm-up, with strong core transitions worked into a flow that strengthens the body so that capoeira movements can flow from the body like waves on the tide. A unique partner Yogueira (my trademark) exercise at the end that creates a sense of partnership and community to conclude session. Practice with Ras Jahsua serenading us with live acoustic reggae music… Bliss!!!

Taught by: Vedete ConnecttheSpots & Ras Jahsua REGGAE ASHAE YOGA

I teach Vinyasa and QiYo Multi Yoga.

My style of teaching is cosmic yoga. I connect to the earth and draw my energy from the ethers, and space. I focus on the breath, pranayama to create a moving meditation, creating fluid transitions and energetic alignments which help to allow the prana and or chi flow through the body fluidly. Students will leave my class feeling grounded, balanced,
energized and inspired.

Taught by: Christine Cáceres

Vinyasa Flow, Hot Warrior Yoga

Hot Warrior Yoga is a safe and intelligently designed practice that combines the best of hot hatha and power vinyasa yoga leaving students feeling energized, balanced, restored, and whole.

Taught by: Roxanne Friedman

Vinyasa, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Thai Yoga Massage

I offer a few variations of my style based on the energy and interests of my students. Generally speaking, my style focuses on heart opening, healing sequences that are lighthearted, graceful and flowy. I create an environment where my students feel strong yet have the space to be gentle as they get into poses.
Also, I incorporate a 1 hour yoga class with 30 min Thai massage in the end.

Taught by: Persiana

Kids and Adult Yoga
Primal and Jai style.

Authentic, creative, original, traditional, fun, active and engaging. My class is never the same twice, although some sequencers are repeated the structure and arrangement of postures depends on who isparticipating.

Taught by: Joshua “Jai” Masters

I am certified in AcroYoga (easily accessible partner acrobatics with a yoga consciousness) and certified in Slackline Yoga (yoga poses on a dynamic 1 inch wide piece of flat rope, [think yoga on a stretchy tightrope].

AcroYoga is a partner yoga practice that combines dynamic and therapeutic acrobatics with a yogic concentration. AcroYoga is accessible to everyone and does not require any previous yoga experience. Included in my workshops are partner trust building exercises, playful games that increase body awareness and connection to others, and therapeutic elements of massage and passive stretching.

Slackline Yoga is the art of practicing yoga poses on a dynamic (slightly stretchy) 1-inch wide piece of flat rope. It will bring your yoga practice to a whole new level, literally hovering just above the ground. Beginners will find that slackasana (slackline yoga) demands a greater yogic focus of breath, body awareness, and drishti (focus point) than is required on a normal 4ft by 6ft yoga mat. Slackline Yoga is a fun and playful way to introduce yogic concepts to beginners as well as challenge advanced practitioners alike.

Taught by: Terence “Link” Zampino

Vinyasa Flow, Dance Yoga, Dance Expression, Modern Dance, and other dance styles.

I have been a dancer since I was 3 years old, and went on to study dance performance and choreography in college. I love to use the traditional asanas and give them my dance-like twist. I focus a lot on the transition between each movement to accentuate the fact that yoga is a dance to my students. I give a lot of variations to allow my students to feel the freedom of expression in their bodies. I have the gift of seeing the world through my body and I try to help my students shift into that perspective.

Taught by: Hanna Winters

Yoga for true wellness & peace with Peter

Peter’s experience includes Raj and Hatha yoga styles of many types including hatha practices such as Bikram, Iyengar, Svaroopa, Integral and Forest Yoga. His Raj Yoga background is based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. He is also grateful to be student of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma)
Whether in practice of asana or in the stillness of meditation, yoga is the pure expression of Self. Each practice is designed to utilize the science of Yoga to expose to the practitioner the direct experience of the Atman, our Soul and its relationship with Spirit.

Taught by: Peter

Jai has been teaching Ha-Tha Yoga for 10 years under the guidance of his Yogini Denise Elzea and is a lifelong practitioner of Yoga and BodyWork. Jai is currently practicing Thai Massage at the Wellsprings in Ashland Oregon. this class will be basic movement and warm ups, through postures in the Ha-Tha tradition. Open up and get connected.

Josh makes it fun!

Taught by: Jai


Acroyoga is a partner acrobatic yoga practice with two or more people, two people being more simple. The roles in acroyoga consist of a base, the anchor of the asanas, the support. The base is usually on his back with his legs straight up supporting the flyer atop his feet in an “L” position. The flyer is the role that is performing much of the asana, being moved from one pose to another by the base through various transitions.

Taught by: Thomas Moore

I am certified in Hatha, but I draw inspiration from years of practicing kundalini, ashtanga, anusata, sivanada and Bhakti yoga. I have also studied acro/partner yoga and Thai massage.

My style is completely unique! All of my classes are alignment-focused and heart-centered and FUN! I blend aromatherapy, sound healing, mythical tales, pranayama and meditation with mindful movements to create a blissful experience for all levels!

Taught by: Cassandra Davis

Thai massage workshops accompanied by a quartz crystal bowl sound bath, we are so excited to travel with a full 7 piece XL quartz crystal bowl set, that can also be played during the restorative, Hatha, and Vinyasa flow yoga classes I am able to offer

The yoga that I teach stems from my love of connecting mind, body and spirit. The healing that I have witnessed as a result of deeper connection with the self is incredible, and I enjoy helping people open up to that connection through laughter, elements of dance and unrestricted movement woven in with Vinyasa flow and Hatha techniques and poses. I like to have a balance in my classes where we do a fair amount of energy release followed by slower poses that help with reflection and re-centering. I love props, and enjoy helping students find comfort and strength in each pose, I am able to manuver around the class to help with hands on adjustments and cues while teaching.

Taught by: Nickelle Dirrett

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Yin, Slow Flow, Kundalini Yoga and medicine wheel yoga.

I can teach in many different styles and adapt well to the general level of the students. I like to throw in a lot of fun and interesting poses and transitions that are easy enough for all levels of students. I focus on good alignment, but also like to talk about the science, energetics and philosophy of yoga.

Taught by: Ram Rai

Power Flow

I like to encorporate howling, shaking, laughing and screaming into some of my larger outdoor classes. Other than that, the asanas are all very traditional.

Taught by: Shawn “Drew” Wall

Hatha/Vinyasa – Mindful flow beginner through advanced

I teach a mixture of hatha/vinyasa yoga, containing meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), and asanas (poses), mindfully sculpted into a sequence that will leave you feeling present and at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Taught by: Adam Vaughn

My offering as a teacher is focused on healing. While I believe that all yogic modalities are “healing”, my approach is focused specifically on how to utilize pranayama and asana for stress relief. Stress relief could range from minor day-to-day or in easing the extremes of PTSD.

While I am able to teach a range of “styles” I would say my technique and modality is unique. As I have a direct focus of therapeutic work in mind as I teach; my approach is to create a strengthening yet supportive class that truly is accessible to all. I work with physical ailments as well as psychological, therefor I am comfortable with making classes truly available to all as I teach to finding the individual’s space in a place or a breath as opposed to having the student adapt to me. I adapt to the individual and I confidently can do this in a group setting by watching, and listening to each of my students.
As a woman who has suffered trauma, depression, eating disorders and just recently survived third stage cancer while pregnant with my third daughter; my priorities are to use my wounds to heal others.

Taught by: Ashley McCann

Traditional Hatha and Prenatal

I am trained in Traditional Hatha and Prenatal. I am also a massage therapist for 14 years now, a birth doula and have belly dance training. In my prenatal classes I definitely incorporate some belly dancing moves.
I bring all my training to my classes.
In my Hatha classes I emphasize proper alignment and give plenty of modifications as I usually teach mixed level classes.

Taught by: Shontel Sutton Heim

Hatha Vinyassa Flow with Anna Combi

I am dedicated to opening the heart and cultivating deep connection to ones physical, spiritual and emotional bodies in my yoga classes. My classes are designed to empower, inspire and creating a healing flow that enables participants to drop in deep with their true nature embodying their connection to source, oneness with nature and liberation from trauma stored in the body. I integrate Iyengar alinements, breathwork and pranassage hands on assists. I focus on metaphors from nature, healing and releasing blockages. My classes are for people of all ages and at all skill levels. I help participants find modifications to meet their needs.

Two Vinyasa Practices: You will learn both a vigorous vinyasa, and a therapeutic vinyasa flow. From this balanced foundation, you will learn how to design your own vinyasa practices, creating a teaching style that is unique to you, while supporting the diverse needs of your students.

Nosara Yoga Vinyasa Flow: Created by Amba Stapleton out of her love of strong physical exercise, sweating and the movement of life force (or prana). This dynamic sequence of hatha yoga postures is linked together through rhythm and breath, and inspired by passionate music, creating a shift in brain wave patterns that lead to a shift in consciousness.

Taught by: Anna Combi

Kriya Yoga… the yoga of breath
Self Healing of the Vagus Nerve with Kriya

Wisdom combines with Breathing patterns that touch each emotion.
Learn how to change your state of consciousness with each breath.
Learn how breathing with specific patterns will heal your Vagus Nerve… and all stress related illness.
Breathing exercises that form the foundation for all yoga ‘In Form’ the individual with Prana – Essence.
Multi-dimensional healing techniques for all yogis, healers, and practitioners enhance the personal practice and expand individual sovereignty and power.

Taught by: Andras Maros

Traditional Hatha beginner, intermediate, mixed level classes.
Prenatal Yoga

My classes are unique in a way that I weave together my experience of yoga (15+ years), massage therapy/anatomy (15 years), prenatal yoga training, birth doula, belly dancing, Dancing for Birth, and work with chiropractors. I meet my students individually where they are in their practice. I show many modifications and give clear descriptions and explanations. In my Hatha classes add focus on alignment in a gentle way. My prenatal classes are about mom and baby connecting, mom believing in herself, he body and her baby. I try to create a sacred, safe, nurturing, space where mamas can create community.

Taught by: Shontel Sutton Heim

Hatha Yoga – Alignment focused, Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Subtle Body workshops, and Thai Yoga Bodywork

I teach yoga through the lens of contemplation and insight, with meditation as a core principle. My passion is to make each asana accessible for each individual, challenging the more advanced students with deeper alignment detail and working with beginners to meet them where they are at. I specialize in deep therapeutic yogic experiences and injury recovery. What makes my classes unique is my capacity to guide the students into a deeper, somatic body experience while using the template of yoga postures to access stored memories and trauma that need released. I use anatomy and alignment verbal cues and hands on adjustments to facilitate this process.

Taught by: Brockell Briddle

Kundalini, Bhakti, Hatha Flow

Kundalini Yoga to Open your heart and harmonize the mind, delivered with live music and intense kriyas, and bandha work to begin to experience the Risen Kundalini Experience.

Taught by: Joshua Param Sevak

Surya Soma Yoga with Krista Holland

My teaching and body of work is dedicated to inspiring others to create harmony, satisfaction, and beauty in their lives, in their work and in the world through creating a life of full spectrum embodiment, inner beauty and artistry.

Krista Holland is a yogini, frame drummer, multifaceted teacher and Renaissance woman. Krista’s work and teaching draws from her in-depth practice and studies in the realms of yoga, Ayurveda, Tantrik philosophy, sacred drumming, permaculture and ancient Goddess revering cultures. Krista was first introduced to Eastern philosophy, mysticism and various practices of meditation at an ashram in India at the age of twelve. She is a devoted practitioner and teacher of the essence of non-dual tantra yoga, inspired by the lineage and sacred texts of Śaiva Tantra and Sri Vidya. She is known for her gift of weaving the ancient wisdom of yogic philosophy through the embodied practice of full spectrum yoga and Embodied Life Coaching. Krista is a faculty member of the College of the Melissae – Center for Sacred Beekeeping where she teaches on the Mythology, Symbol Systems and Sacred Drumming connected to the ancient Bee Priestess traditions. She is also the co-founder of Gaia Women Global and Veriditas Ecological Design. The polymathic synthesis of her multidisciplinary career and dharma is brought together in her body of work called Yoga and Living Arts, where she offers a rich mandala of teachings and private coaching dedicated to personal and planetary healing, spiritual liberation and the full flowering of embodied life mastery. Krista lives with her husband and partner of 20+ years and their son in Southern Oregon.

Taught by: Krista Holland

Intuitive Kundalini Flow

Experience gentle and intuitive Kundalini flow joined by the gracious teacher of the cacao spirit. Following your bliss open your portals to share in self expression and nourish your free spirit. Combining Kundalini yoga techniques with intuitive movement and the cacao spirit we will align with our intuitive and expressive being as we join in unique union and oneness.

About Stell: Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, Janzu Water Meditation and Massage Practitioner, and Professional Equestrian, Stell first fell in love with yoga as a compliment to her Equestrian sports. With a holistic and integral approach, Stell enjoys working with therapies that incorporate meditation, awareness and healing through body mechanic, emotional and energetic transformation.

Taught by: Stell Bahrami

Omnique Method (fusion of hatha yoga, martial arts, chi gong, and temple dance with Monique Trinity Rose)

Omnique Method:
Join founder and creator of the Omnique Method, Monique Trinity Rose, as we embark into an embodied journey through the realms of archetype and embrace our empowered wholeness. In this initiatory “Flow & Form” workshop we will get a taste of the Omnique format, which incorporates elements of hatha yoga, classical and fusion Temple Dance, bellydance, chi-gong energy principals, deep fitness conditioning, and somatic psychology. Open to all who are ready to move, sweat, feel, inquire, go deep, discover, and have fun! No technical dance experience necessary, some experience in hatha yoga recommended.

Taught by: Monique Trinity Rose

Shadow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Yin

Shadow flow is vinyasa in nature, but does contain elements of shadow yoga making the flow a more dance like expression. We will move in and out of the body dynamically and visit some non-traditional forms of asana, to expand the practice and open the body in various outlets. The dance like quality of the flow allows practitioners to open creatively, get in touch with the physical sensations of the body, allow deeper connection to the higher self.

Taught by: Jackie Moon

Kriya Yoga

Experience Kriya Yoga… the yoga of breath and its power to heal all stress related illness and dis-ease. All healing is an internal process and Andras guides us through breathing exercises that science has proven will heal the Vagus Nerve—if you don’t know what the Vagus Nerve is… come listen and learn.

Learn self healing techniques you can use every day and wisdom to raise your consciousness and find your own inner peace.

Taught by: Andras

Vinyasa (linking breath to movement)

I like to incorporate imagination into the physical asanas. Explaining the depth of the pose (chakras, muscles). I stay playful, life is a rhythm we all dance to.
I like to bring basic crystals to class, quartz, selenite, rose quartz.. Uniting the vibrations to stimulate growth and healing. I like to encourage “om”ing 🙂

Taught by: adina wall

Yin/restorative, therapeutic, Gentle, slow flow, all accompanied by live sacred music & chant provided by Johanna Beekman Music and her band.

My modality incorporates Nad Yoga, the yoga of sound into Asana practice to provide deep release.

I have toured national yoga studios & festivals (Pranafest, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, One Love Experience, Beloved Sacred Art and Music Festival, Unify, and more) with my special restorative yoga with sound healing class called Lullaby Yoga (restorative yoga with live heart opening music).
Johanna Beekman’s Lullaby Yoga is a unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with heart-opening live music. Her class focuses on deep relaxation and healing, using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, and nada yoga (yoga of sound). In Lullaby Yoga, Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing to them. The music—a soothing blend of original and traditional pieces from a variety of global cultures—facilitates the healing process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself. Johanna has taught Lullaby Yoga classes at yoga studios, spas, and festivals across the US. She occasionally leads a heart-opening kirtan followed immediately by an extended Lullaby Yoga cool-down. For more about Johanna, visit

Taught by: Johanna Beekman

I teach alignment based vinyasa, “yoga with weights”, and “athlete’s yoga”.

My classes typically involve several flows of long holds in each pose, with lots of cuing and alignment instruction. I then repeat the flows, linking each pose to breath. Intermixed is deep stretching. Instead of limiting stretching to the beginning and end of class, I’ve found that it allows for an active recovery period to regain breath and reconnect the mind and body when throwing out some intense stretching right after a challenging flow. I like to stress the amazing power of the mind, the wonder of the body’s capability, and how we are all stronger than we think we are. I want every student to leave each class with a yoga high; knowing that they can master anything.

I offer modifications and variations throughout so each class is available to all levels.

I am very big on recognizing ego and reaching a pose that is correctly aligned and appropriate for the student’s body–really feeling what the body needs in that moment. I find myself moving toward a vinyasa-yin fusion class lately.

My athletic class focuses on stretching of the hamstrings, back, arms, and torso. I incorporate props, such as a basketball, in poses and in stretching. This class is for the athlete that is new to yoga. A 60 minute class would be about 30 minutes of stretching with 30 minutes of flow–longer holds and a lot of alignment cues. I like to stress isometric holds in this class to target muscle groups. I am currently training to add in a foam rolling component.

I teach a class on “yoga with weights”, using 1 and 2 pound free weights. This series is currently on hold while the space is being used.

Taught by: Caitlin Justice

A unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with heart-opening live music. Her class focuses on deep relaxation and healing using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, bhakti yoga and nada (sound) yoga. In Lullaby Yoga, Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing to them. The music—a soothing blend of original and traditional pieces from a variety of global cultures—facilitates the healing process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself. Johanna teaches Lullaby Yoga classes at world-class festivals and studios across the US. She occasionally leads a heart-opening kirtan followed immediately by an extended Lullaby Yoga cool-down. Johanna’s critically acclaimed Heart Beats One album and her forthcoming album Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul feature many of the original songs and chants that Lullaby Yoga have come to know and love. For more about Johanna, visit For more about Johanna, visit

I always offer live music for my classes while teaching. The fusion of sound healing, Asana, Meditation, and devotional singing offers unique release.

Taught by: Johanna Beekman

Here is a description of this art. What I do is a very beautiful internal journey. The first part is a energy body opening, then we flow into a Taoist qigong that nourishes and honors all our energetic organs and main meridians, then we close with a Buddhist qigong that aligns and balances our physical, energetic, and spiritual essences –
Three Harmony Qigong is a blend of Taoist and Buddhist tantric energy practices that enhance ones awareness and integration of the physical, energetic, and spiritual natures of our Being. It is an art that utilizes the intent, the breath, and relaxed fluid movement to create a calm, natural, balanced flow of energy that can improve one’s health and spiritual journey. Qigong is a way to listen, enhance, and understand the flow of your internal, or intrinsic, energy (qi/prana) and cultivate your spiritual energy (shen).

It is a blend of Taoist and Buddhist yoga, which is called qigong in those sects, which really focus on the intrinsic energy in one body and is a flowing moving art where the breath is married to the movements and the mind focuses on visually seeing the energy moving in the body and we use “Ting Jing” (a form of deep listening) to guide the chi/prana. So more internal than most forms of yoga.

Taught by: Willow Seronko

Hatha/Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative

I teach a Hatha/Vinyasa flow, often incorporating Yin or Restorative into the second half of the class. While the yoga flow is typical for Vinyasa, I add unique themes to the classes to encourage full union through the class. I also try to use live musicians to help with the flow of the class.

Taught by: Cassandra Galbier

I offer Tantra yoga as well as Partner Tantra Yoga.

I see it as definitely different, as it is a slower, more internal practice, that, instead of being focused on perfect alignment, is focused on how each body feels in each pose, attempting to find relaxation within the pose, not pushing to go as far as possible. The tantra practice itself can be as long as 4 hours! (but of course as short as 1 as well). The partner practice takes it all a step further, as it is more of an external version of the practice, where you are supporting and being supported by your partner. We create a connection with an opening ritual and movement to music, then throughout the practice finding ourselves diving deeply not only into the postures and ourselves, but another person as well. It creates a really beautiful connection. It’s like acroygoa but without the acrobatics.

Taught by: Jax DeCoster

I teach vinyasa yoga and am very deeply into my own meditation and yoga practices, my sadhana. I teach meditation to people in a drug abuse recovery program, I have taught kid’s yoga, but mostly I teach adults. Yoga and meditation are my entire life! I also study esoteric subject matter obsessively, these subjects are my passion! 🙂 My website is

When I teach yoga I always express that yoga is a breathing exercise, a moving meditation. With that as the focus, I do have a passion for physical intensity that I balance with ease. I have a sense of humor in my classes, I connect with everyone through physical touch, eye contact and smiles, and I make the intention to empower and uplift all of the people who practice with me.

Taught by: Jayne Forest

Vinyasa Flow

My style of teaching is definitely unique and eclectic. I borrow from different styles and modalities and each class is different. What I do best is to help facilitate feeling more love and presence, and less worry, stress and negative self-talk. People leave feeling better, and that’s what I’m here for.

Taught by: Allowah Lani

Vinyasa Bhakti Yoga, Yin Yoga, Beginners Yoga…meditation/pranayama

All I can say is that I teach yoga from the heart, and from what I know and have learned from great teachers. I have studied beginners yoga & Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti, is devotional yoga, the more “spiritually” minded practice, that involves kirtan, meditation & pranayama, ((heart centered)) The modality is different because no yoga teacher will have the same practice to share, I teach from my truth…

Taught by: Tara Clark

Hatha Yoga & Meditation, Intro to Acro Yoga, Plant Medicine Yoga

In my classes, I teach students to move and breath form the heart, to stand in their strength and to step into their authentic being. I have been often told that my classes are incredibly informative, as though they are a workshop. In addition to asana, I always offer mantra, mudra, pranayama and meditation so that I am honoring the full spectrum wisdom within this sacred scientific system. I often offer mythical stories, philosophical insight or reference to sacred texts. I lead with love and provide a life affirming gathering!

Taught by: Meggan Riley

Mainly Vinyasa yoga for all-levels. I also enjoy teaching Hatha yoga and Budokon yoga (imagine yoga and martial arts had a baby).

I teach a creative flow class with a blend of alignment cues and space for self-reflection and guidance. Usually I will start class with some authentic story about my life that leads to a teaching for us to consider while we move. I might share a poem or short piece of writing that relates and then I’ll weave the concept throughout class. Music playlists are super important to me- they must be good.
We may do a pranayama breath practice first and then we’ll warm up and start to build from the ground up to a series of poses that eventually expands into a highlighted pose or genre of poses (i.e. backbends, hip-openers, etc.). I’ve been told my sequencing and classes are subtly challenging but still sweet and fun.
I like for students to be free, to take up space, make noise, breath loudly and modify anything that they need to without worrying about me. I read each person as we go to make sure we’re all on the same page and I like for my language to be fresh and present- not rehearsed.
I give time for lunar poses and savasana so there can be rest and healing and possibly more magical inner wisdom to witness. I like to keep it light-hearted and to practice with purpose.

Taught by: Alysa Romano

I offer a wide variety of experiences, all of which incorporate elements of flow, rhythm, and play. My favorite classes to teach are Shake Your Asana (“Where Yoga and Dance meet up to play), YinYasa, Morning Movement, Rock N Roll Vinyasa, Reggae Flow, Yoga Nidra, Candlelight Yin/Restorative and Prenatal/Mamas Yoga. You can read more about these offerings at

My style is warm, light and refreshing. My intention with each class is to help people peel back the layers of stress, anxiety and fear which block the natural state of joy. I provide equal focus on breath, alignment, connection to spirit and play. I aim for each student to have an experience that is physically dynamic, introspective, connected to their highest self, and for them to leave feeling deeply relaxed, lighter, and happy in body, mind and heart.

Taught by: Carina O’Toole

I primarily teach therapeutic Hatha yoga. I incorporate pranayama, mantras, sound with movement, contemplative practices and mindfulness meditations.

The yoga I offer is a combination of primarily Hatha, flow, Kundalini, and other movement modalities such as Qigong. The style I enjoy teaching is slow, steady and very strengthening. I take time in each posture to focus on breath and alignment. Asana integrity is very important to me. I include a gentle warm-up, an invigorating “climax” and soothing cool down. Thank you!

Taught by: Samantha Stelk


JourneYoga is a ritual of body, mind and spirit. Weaving together the ancients rivers of yoga and shamanism, JourneYoga creates a sacred container for surrender by honoring the Soul of the Earth and Adventure by Connecting with the Great Spirit within all of Life while diving into an Enchanted World where balance arises. It is at once an intensely physical and internally focused practice and also joyful, playful and energetic.

I blend yoga and shamanism:

Power is not found by forcing ourselves, but rather by finding our Self. If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a Journey. A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where awaits your total empowerment and joyful enlightenment. JourneYoga is designed to help you take this journey, one sacred movement at a time.

JourneYoga includes:
– MOVEMENT teaches how to love the skin you live in, calling your spirit home again with joy and strength of expression.
– MEDITATION brings you into connection with your higher self, your inner guru who knows best how to guide you.
– MEANING facilitates personal breakthroughs to open the heart and let your spirit come through, as you.

JourneYoga ends with a seductive, sweet shamanic shavasana to live drumming and medicinal chanting.

Taught by: Holly Baade

The style of yoga I am certified to teach is called Radiant Health Yoga, which focuses on using yoga as a holistic health modality. I can teach both fast paced vinyasa classes, as well as relaxing/restorative/yin style classes, and I often combine both energies into one class to create a well balanced practice.

The style of yoga I teach is different in that I am very focused on using yoga to improve overall health and wellbeing, there is a big emphasis on injury prevention, breathwork and meditation. I also love to incorporate sound healing into my classes, both with tuning forks and singing bowls, guided meditation, chanting and self acupressure for wellness.

Taught by: Ashlyn Newcomb CYT

This workshop in Beginning Acroyoga

will give you the tools you’ll need if you are looking to begin your practice, or continue your current practice, in a safe and effective way. By the end of this workshop you will understand the basics of counterbalance, bone-stacking, and safe flying/basing. Come with a partner or come alone. A lot of acroyoga is done with a partner, whether you know them, or not! Bring your mat, and a positive, friendly attitude, and you’ll leave with all the tools you’ll need to continue practicing Acroyoga.

About Sean Gerhardt: Sean & Paige began their acroyoga practice together in 2015 after meeting at a class in Ashland, OR. They started teaching shortly after, and eventually formed the performance duo ‘Duoflo Acro’. Since then, they have taught and performed in multiple locations around the U.S. Their style of acroyoga is unique because of their ability to connect deeper through non-verbal cues. Each participant will be given the opportunity to further understand their body and how they can connect to a partner.

Taught by: Sean Gerhardt

Visionary Artists

Lindy Kehoe

Lindy Kehoe enjoys living a spacious and peaceful life, choosing to reflect that quality within her dream-like work. Contemplative and quiet, her paintings are portals into the sublte realms of rememberance, shape-shifting in care of the viewer.

Her mediums include oil paints on canvas, acrylic, earth pigments (stoneground), clay-based eco paints, water colors and ink on paper. The body of work on this sight reflects a decade of painting after her studies at Ohio University, where she received her Bachelors of Fine Art, focusing on Art Education. As a certified Art Educator for kindergarten through Highschool, she has taught in many fashions and ages. This journey brought her to Napa, California, where she taught as a Middle School Art teacher at River School in 2006-2007.

Called to the Northen Landscape and Rivers, she moved to the Rogue Valley of Oregon, where she fell in love, and illustrated Star Hawk’s “Last Wild Witch”, published by Mother Tongue Ink of We’Moon. She received a Silver “Nautilus Award” for her illustrations. Lindy’s work has been featured in “Spirituality in Health Magazine”. Her work has been internationally published since 2004 in the We’Moon Calendar books and Wall Calendars. Her work has been shown in galleries and festivals across the west coast, with Art Visionary Masters including Alex Grey, Martina Hoffman, and Mark Henson.

Lindy is currently weaving together her many images into a story book called “Urial and Arianna and the Transformation of the Worlds.” She considers this a book for all ages that reads like poetry and finds itself to be an interdimensional journey through time and space.


Brian Paul Smith

Brian Paul Smith is a digital artist based in Ashland Oregon. A lifelong interest in Art, Computers, Math and Mysticism have been fused together to manifest this one of a kind creative spark. His work is an alchemical exploration of light, color, symmetry, sacred geometry, and the mystical forms that manifest within the cosmic fractal landscape. Like cloud gazing, or a Rorschach test on steroids, Brian’s art beckons the imagination of viewer and reveals an endless array of faces and spirit beings that merge together into unified inter-dimensional windows. Soothing, Mesmerizing and unlike anything you have ever seen before, the images he creates will captivate and galactivate you.



Ishka was born in 1982, and grew up in northern California. She loved to draw ever since she was a little girl, even if it meant getting carsick on long road trips with her family because she was so focused on her sketchpad. Her talent advanced as she got older, but she felt it was necessary to pursue a career that assured more financial stability. Society had taught her too much about the starving artist. And so, she sought study for a profession that was highly useful in society that would also require her artistic skill.

Six years later, she graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a professional bachelors degree in architecture.

During her fourth year in college, Ishka spent a year studying abroad in France, and traveled all over Western Europe. Her experience of life outside the U.S. transformed her entire perception of art, architecture, and community; and it was then that she became much more certain of her path, both as an artist and an architectural designer.

Everything came to a climax in this little town she visited on the southern coast of Portugal—one of the last trips she made before returning to the states. In the hostel she stayed in, twenty complete strangers from all over the world had somehow come together as one big family. For the first time, Ishka experienced the miracle of coming together with people she had never met as though they had somehow known each other for lifetimes. Miracles began happening everyday; or, maybe it was that Ishka was finally allowing them to happen, and be a witness to them.

A rose, long-awaited, bloomed in her heart, and Ishka began to recognize God in all beings. She awakened to a Great Love for herself and everyone around her. This shift in her awareness marked the inception of a life long spiritual journey!

When she returned to California, she dedicated her next year of college studying as much as she could about natural building techniques and eco-village design, and developed her thesis around it. The architecture program had included aspects of green building over the years, but Ishka’s hunger for it and her interest in intentional community living intensified exponentially after her trip overseas. Moreover, her passion for art was renewed with a vehemence and sense of freedom all too wild and magnificent to describe any other way than to draw it. She no longer felt inhibited by the stigmas society had put on her greatest gift.

After graduation, Ishka made a solid commitment to her practice as an artist, and architecture would be her mistress. Ishka has since embarked on many other travels in North America and abroad, exploring and expanding her participation as a true citizen of the world. She uses every opportunity available to absorb spiritual guidance and inspiration for her art, and foster her development and dedication to community building and lifestyle.


Roman Villagrana

Roman Villagrana creates art as a campaign to inspire visionary community. Setting out to influence others to create by portraying a universal and harmonic culture he calls “Tribe13” is his mission. Believing in the representation of myth-creating reality powered by faith is his message. Art to him is a reflection of life and its infinite potential…

Roman has helped bring forth Tribe13 and the Inter-dimensional Art Movement as platforms for visionary community building and harmonic culture manifesting and hosts the annual Inter-dimensional Art Show in Seattle showcasing leading visionary art, music and fashion from around the world. You can see Roman at art shows or live performance painting at conscious events throughout the west coast and abroad including Canada and England.


Ashley Foreman

“Art has become a method for hacking my inner firewall, helping me to connect with my authentic self despite the schwirl of culturally induced delusions. Making my art has granted me gradual access to a more integrated and multidimensional reality.I think the most powerful thing we can accomplish with our work is to inspire each other to accept responsibility for the liberation of oneself from the social conditioning of previous generations and the prevailing ignorance of our cultural story; to dismantle who we were falsely taught that we are and find the unique creative identity within.My intention for my work, beyond personal healing, is to reflect a simple Truth — That the Universe is made of a profound Love beyond human categories, and that inter-collectively, we are One Being, One Consciousness.”



Welcome to our Tickets page! Our Mystic Rising Gathering event will be an intimate weekend journey with only 550 Weekend Passes at our amazing new venue Frontier Ranch on almost 1,000 acres and with a large swimable pond! The campgrounds are lush, there are teepees, large tents with beds, and and showers and facilities! Because of the very limited capacity we have at this venue for year, we limited number of tickets and are not able to offer day passes for this event. We also are looking forward to going through a full weekend transformational journey deeper into community as we move through the weekend together.

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