General Info

Come join us at New Frontier Ranch!

The New Frontier Ranch (formerly called Box R Ranch) is in the mountains outside of Ashland, OR (near Greensprings on Hwy 66) and is on almost 1,000 lush acres with a swimmable pond that has a water slide! We encourage Carpooling and if you have 3 or more in your vehicle parking is FREE otherwise, $25 for 2 or less in your vehicle.

We aim to make this a ZERO WASTE event. We follow the policy of PACK-IT-IN and PACK-IT-OUT. Please be respectful on this land, mindful of neighbors on the way in and out, and please, clean up after yourself. Bring your own cups, bowls, and silverware and we will provide a dishwashing station for you to use. Otherwise, you will have the option to “rent” a bowl or plate. This venue is in the mountains, and there is a very sweet community up there too. It is our goal that our event have ZERO impact on this local community. In order to pull that off, here are some things you need to be aware of:

*This is a NO “in’s and out’s” event. If you choose to leave the event earlier than the conclusion of the event, you must do so before 11:00pm and you can only re-enter if you “re-pay.” We strive to keep
everyone at our events safe and the local community happy with their experience of us. That is one reason the property owners have requested the gates to be locked at 11 pm each night. Of course, emergencies are the exception to this.

*Be sure to bring ALL supplies, snacks, and comfort items you will need for the entire weekend.

*Unless you pay extra for a car-camping or RV site, you will not be camping near your car and you will need to pack in your items. It is not a long walk, and there will be some wheelbarrows available to use. A shuttle is available for families with small children, and elderly or handicapped patrons.

*Because fire danger is at EXTREME level, we cannot have fires anywhere on the venue. If we are allowed, we still plan on having one main sacred fire located in the heart of the festival. Smoking is ONLY allowed in the designated smoking section and any person that smokes outside of that area may be asked to leave the event if unwilling to follow these rules.  There will NOT be any fire dancing at this event.


The Frontier Ranch is located at 16799 Hwy 66, Ashland, OR 97520. From Ashland proper you drive past the I5 freeway onramps (by exit 14) and Ashland St turns into Hwy 66. You drive away from town up the hill about 30 minutes and drive past The GREENSPRINGS INN for about 7 minutes and you can see a our site (New Frontier Ranch) on your left side and you’ll see Mystic Rising signage!


This year we’re scaling up to about 1,500 tickets! With artists like Trevor Hall, Ayla Nereo, Dustin Thomas, Satsang, Chris Berry and others we’re certain to sell out in advance so we encourage you to get
your weekend passes as soon as possible if you’re really wanting to make it this year before we get Soul’d Out! We do not intend to have any day passes this year as the venue wants to limit the amount of traffic impacting the community.


Gates officially open on Friday at Noon!
Friday Noon – 10pm
Saturday 10am – 10pm
Sunday 10:am – 4:00pm
Tickets at the Gate are $200 plus parking if the event is not sold out.
Children 12 and under attend for FREE.
Youth ages 13 – 17 attend for approximately HALF-PRICE of any adult ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to camp or is there lodging nearby?

There is no lodging in the immediate vicinity of the gathering, so this is a camping-only event. There are some tipis and, canvas tents with beds available to reserve via our tickets page.

What should I bring for camping?

This is a camping event so bring all your own camping gear and accessories. If you come with an RV or decide to Car-Camp, there will be a designated area for you to park and stay. There will be healthy food provided for sale, a commercial kitchen, and actual restroom buildings and hand-washing stations. There may not be showers available, so washing in the pond or creek with bio-degradable soap may be your bathing option!

Is there water/food available or should I bring my own?

Bring your own reusable water bottle (or there may be one for sale! ). There will be great food and beverage vendors including raw foods/vegetarian/vegan/ vendors with amazing healthy deserts!

How does parking work?

Parking is in designated areas.  RV’s and car-camping are in a reserved section. A nominal parking fee will be requested for each vehicle to “green the event” which will be greatly discounted or free for those who carpool (3 or more people).

Is there security at the event?

Yes, we have our own 24/7 Shanti-Sena security team on-site . However, you are still responsible for securing your own camping areas and we cannot be held responsible for any losses in those areas.

What Not to Bring:


There is no selling of beer or alcohol at the gathering and we highly discourage its use. If you have a beer or glass of wine in your tent and are not “walking around with a beer in your hand,” you could probably
drink unnoticed, however we highly discourage any intoxication and drunkenness. Our event is endeavoring to encourage us all to find lifestyle choices leading to a joyful life without the need of intoxicants to feel ‘high’ but rather to get ‘high on life’ with yoga, music, breathing, ecstatic dance and so forth.


We discourage the use of drugs of any kind except those prescribed by a doctor.


There are no dogs or animals permitted at the event.

More Info

Please see the other pages under the “Info” menu for more details. If none of this information has answered your questions feel free to email with your question