Here’s a video of the site that was shot by a drone pilot just before the 2017 festival. It starts at the large swimmable pond/lake and flies over the site including
the Mystic Dome and the Main Stage (that was being set up before the event). Then it flies over the main kitchen area and over a few of the Teepees & Safari Tents:


The New Frontier Ranch is an amazing 1,000 acre venue with plenty of shade camping, beautiful meadows, a swimmable pond, teepees, shows, and an industrial kitchen.

This property has quick a history. In the 1850s, settlers crossed through the property now known as New Frontier Ranch via wagon train on the Applegate Trail, a Southern alternative to Lewis and Clark’s route to the “Oregon Territory”.  Half a century later in 1902,  the main ranch house (white 2 story house near the ranch office), was constructed; remodeled in the 1980’s, it remain in use today.  Formerly known as “Green Springs Box R Ranch”, the property has operated as a guest ranch and event venue for the past 46 years, gradually expanding lodging, event, and farm buildings and infrastructure.  Originally settled for it’s abundant spring water, the ranch has grown over the years to become a premiere destination for guests seeking the calm and majesty of a tranquil mountain retreat.

Here’s our venue map main event area with the Main Stage in the Mystic Meadow, the Temple Dome, and where the lush swimmable pond (with water slide) is. It also shows showing our 3 main campground areas of Modoc, Shasta, and Klamath. Although Shasta is slightly more ‘in the thick of it’ (closer to the Casbah stage where you can hear some music at night), the other two camping areas are both quieter. Having almost 1,000 acres to work with and spread out is a beautiful thing! So many people there were with us in 2017 have said things like “This is their all time favorite venue for a festival experience!” We’ve been looking for a site like this for many years and so grateful we now have our Mystic home!