Are you a Natural Mystic? – Reclaiming our Entheogenic Rights with Yashpal Jayne

Yashpal will present his understanding and experience as an overview of some of our entheogenic medicines. Particularly focused on Bufo Alvarius/Toad, Iboga, Ayahuasca, Yopo, San Pedro, Peyote and Psilocybe, he will also discuss N,N DMT, 5-MeoDMT, MDMA, LSD, Hape’/Rapeh, Sananga, Mambe
In the walk and life of a natural mystic, these medicines have a spirit and a purpose interfacing with humans as they expand our consciousness to teach us, heal us, transform us.
These medicines can be used sacramentally and/or recreationally. Each become essential at different times of our lives and states of our be-ing, helping us to become better people each and every day. Intention, set and setting can make all the difference….
Additionally, these medicines are effective medically to work thru spiritual discord that affect our physical health. An overview of the current research that has been done and is ongoing.
Yashpal has always been an eclectic, alternative doc – after practicing naturopathic medicine for over 20 years -he is now licensed as a Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine. Yashpal is the founding bishop of the Essene Order of Natural Mystics and currently establishing its mission, the International Alliance of Natural Mystics, based in Costa Rica and Ashland. He is the Medical Director of the Entheogenic and Natural Health Center in Costa Rica. Yashpal organizes Natural Mystic Tours all over the world.
Founder: Essene Order of Natural Mystics and the International Alliance of Natural Mystics
I have established the Natural Mystics organizations mentioned above that will be utilized to petition asserting our rights to the DEA and all 193 countries of the UN concerning Schedule 1 condemnation of Entheogenic medicines such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Psilocybe, Peyote, San Pedro, as well as our “religious”/Spiritual rights as an additional Universal Right for Direct Spiritual Experience.
I will introduce the plan and path I am embarking on to reclaim our rights and reclaim our rights and the liberation of our medicines from the DEA Schedule 1, the UN/international drug policies and request Supreme Court opinions from nations with religious freedom.