Death and Rebirth Ceremony with Karl Baba

The Ceremony of Shamanic Death and Rebirth invokes the Spirit of Healing from the Rainforest, or simply your higher Self, to help us release our baggage and heal our wounds so we can live reborn, fresh, and full of Love. We drink a symbolic cup of water and apply Palo Santo Oil to call in the Spirit.

We accumulate wounds and emotional baggage throughout life. We need to sleep every night to purge the fatigue of the day and eventually need to die to purge the weight of our life experiences.
Come prepared to lie down or sit and envision this is your last day on the planet. You have an opportunity to make peace with your life and everyone who has touched you, to surrender, to forgive, and emerge freshly into a new life.

Karl Baba is a spiritual guide authorized by two Indian Traditions (Papa Ji and Sacha) and also does shamanic work. His mission is to be a channel of Peace and Love, empowering All to embody the Light and Love which is their true nature within.