Ecstatic Dance with DJ Heartbeat

Deep textural openings to enter, land, explore and establish
Generous floor-play to get the temperatures rising
Then begins the gradual sweet Climb-Maxx to the highest peaks of movement expression, pouring forth thru communal interplay and inspired offerings with no playlist!
Billowy clouds of lyrical luminosity, well-placed phrases of gratitude with open-hearted message music
& the softest landing in known universal

DJ HEARTBEAT is known for his mesmerizing, heart-opening, magical musical mixes that span dance tracks, world beat, chill out, reggae, electronica, tribal rhythms, flowing trance, oldies, dynamite cover tunes & well-placed surprises. He has an instinctive gift for providing music for creative movement, dance & healing. As Movement Wizard, he plays music that invites the body to move & inspires the heart to soar. His music is at once playful, unexpected, & lends a special “live magic”. He has a certain “pedigree” dating back to the ’80’s when he was “unofficial Music Guru” for Gabrielle Roth of ‘Sweat Your Prayers’, Emilie Conrad of ‘Continuum Montage’ & Anna Halprin of the ‘Tamalpa Institute’ among other dance innovators!

“Of all the many DJs I enjoy in the Bay Area, DJ Heartbeat is the most inventive and spontaneous and fun, with his ability to respond to the dancer’s energies around him. He’s the best alternative DJ I have ever heard!” – W. Lewis