Honey Bee Sensorium with Karla Capacetti

The honey bee is an ancient emissary that has journeyed through the ages to bring a vibration of love, unity, and elevated consciousness to the Planet. Join the Melissae, Priestesses of the Hive, led by Polymathic Priestess Karla Michelle Capacetti, in an embodied exploration of the senses to experience the pleasures of beeing.

SEE: we study the sacred symbols and begin to understand the depths of the honey bee mythstory that weaves between the realms
TASTE: we ingest the medicine of the beenest and savor the flavors of the season
HEAR: we listen to the heartbeat drumming of our innermost humming
FEEL: we drop into the pleasure of ecstatic movement and shapeshift into beeings of infinite potential
SMELL: we anoint our bodies with the aromatic magic of the hive that seals the cracks of our alchemical vessels of transformation

This workshop is intended to enliven our senses with the honey bee as our muse and will be a merging of storytelling, ceremony, and ecstatic embodiment!

Priestess Karla Michelle Capacetti is a practicing beekeeper, herbalist, yogi, frame drummer, and poet inspired by the magic and mystery of the Honey Bee and her beauty ways. She is an initiate within the Shamanic Path of Pollen based at the Sacred Trust in Dorset, England and a Rahibe within the College of the Melissae Center for Sacred Beekeeping based in Talent, Oregon. Karla uses her intuition to tune her many senses towards the archetype of OneBeeing to fulfill her mission of midwifing the Earth and all of her children into in a new world and way of beeing. Come fall in love with your whole, holy, healing Self and reconnect with the infinite well of honey within!