Journey to the Three Worlds of Spirit with J. Luis Morales

The practice of journeying with the drum to receive insight, engage in healing, and communicate with Spirit has been around for centuries and has traversed the world over.
In this ceremony we will go over the three worlds of the shamanic journey space. Participants will have an opportunity to learn how to connect and journey into the middle, lower, and upper worlds. This will be an opportunity to connect to a power animal, meet a spirit guide or teacher, connect to the wisdom of the Earth, stars and planets, to do some personal healing work, as well as to connect with the Archangels and the Ascended Masters whose mission is aligned with service to humanity.
We will invite the benevolent beings of the seven sacred directions in before the journey to help guide our way and encircle us in a shield of light and healing. After the journey there will be time if people feel called to express themselves and share of and integrate their experience. Luis will be available after the workshop as well to be a listening ear to any who need space held for their process. If time allows we will share some prayer songs before closing the sacred space and sending the helping spirits back home.
Come and journey with us as we grow in this most auspicious time of Solar Light!
*This is a Sober healing container* We will be journeying with the power of our hearts, our intentions, and the Sacred Buffalo Drum.*
Luis works with and has been studying various healing practices and plant medicines since growing up outside of Washington, DC. His realm of knowledge and teaching includes; sound healing, Reiki, massage therapy, elemental energy healing, prayer, meditation, Tibetan Yoga, Buddhism, and Red Path wisdom of both North and South America.
Luis has been facilitating shamanic journeys since the Summer Solstice of 2012, where he received a vision and a humble nudge from Spirit to help others in this way; gathering people to journey to the worlds of Spirit to learn, grow, and heal. He lives in peaceful Williams, Oregon where he teaches Reiki, hosts full moon drum journey ceremonies, and spends his free time beading on the loom of life and painting his visions from the Spirit World.