Live your Life as Ceremony through Tantra with OnaRay

Tantra is quickly growing in popularity across the globe. There are many scholars and guides who now recognize that Tantra creates significantly deeper meaning in everyday life…

For me, Tantra simply allows “Life to become a Ceremony!” Celebrating the temple BODY, and opening up to the full pleasure and joy! This intimate workshop will open a container for tantra exploration using different tools and techniques in a ritualize setting that invite an awareness of the divine to emerge.

We will embrace the wisdom of Tantra by opening up the veils tapping into higher realms of body wisdom. By connecting to the “erotic innocence” of life, participants will give themselves permission to fully explore freedom inside. Tantra magic cocktail of Breath, Sound, and Movement helps empowers individuals to embody their erotic freedom and this is where liberation is found!

Liberation means Opening to Life fully with joy. It means making peace with the fact that we are Sexual beings.

Liberation means resting in your most natural, open, expanded state of Being.

What will you discover in this workshop?

• How to use ritual to cultivate the sacred in daily life
• How to activate new energetic erotic pathways
• How to Increase sensitivity in the body and build higher emotional recognition
• How to release fears and feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt around sexuality
• How to use the flow of your sexual energy to Activate and raise Consciousness
• How to give yourself permission to own your pleasure

This will be an opportunity to honor your boundaries, offer clear consent, co-create a field of sacredness, be held by a group of intimacy allies, and allow yourself to experience Tantra as a Sacred path of Self-liberation cherish in a state of ceremony!

Tantra cannot be understood through words alone. It cannot be taught to you – it is taught through you. One must allow Presence to receive the gifts of chosen liberation.

“Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality, and sexuality with awareness” — Osho

This journey is a gift to yourself! Allow yourself to connect to the divine beauty within you!
ALL adult humans are welcome to join this (clothes-on) co-created sacred container of self-exploration. Come alone, with a friend or a partner/beloved and even a sibling or family member!

I am truly Honored and excited to be your Tantra Guide and Wisdom keeper!

OnaRay is a spiritual name that embodies a humanness beyond gender. Her dedication to awakening a new paradigm of sexuality has inspired her to study different styles of facilitating trainings in the fields of Authentic Relating, NVC, and Mind/Body Centering.

She discovered a need to embrace a new way of for humans to relate to their sexuality and communication. She got curious to WHY society created taboos around sex and pleasure, especially for females.

OnaRay began a passionate journey to study Tantra and Sacred Sexuality in the mid-nineties with self-study, workshops, and personal practices. Then in 2010, she discovered Source School of Tantra trainings and committed her life path fulltime to follow her heart and live a path of Tantra!

She continued her studies seven years ago with ISTA trainings and conferences, Tantra Festivals and working with temple spaces in Europe, and other supporting educators across the globe, as well as Shamanic Wisdom holders, and Somatic Movement Therapist for over 2 decades.

Today, 20 years later, she is feeding her life purpose with loving open relationships, performance art, Tantra teachings and massage, facilitated ceremonies/rituals, sex and intimacy coaching, authentic relating circles, and transformational festivals and retreats and has taught in 14 counties.

Her dedication for self-mastery and awakened sexual consciousness allows her to passionately share from the heart with a path of love! This new path of awaken love has birth a new life soul project – AwakenSex!

I am here to awaken a new way of relating to who we are sexual human being! OnaRay
@awakensexcommunity on Instagram