Mastering the Matrix with Aaron Gabriel Sol

We have been conditioned by society to think of ourselves as just another cog in the machine, told we are supposed to fit in and do what everyone else does. However, when we truly look, we see that in actuality, we are this tremendously free human organism, a part of the whole system of life on Earth, within the solar system, within the milky way galaxy, within the universe, etc…
A system within a system with a system within a….

With a fresh perspective and new understandings, we start to be able to have a deeper grasp on this societal matrix which has been created by us here in thought, and with this fresh understanding, we start to see that there are other ways of interacting within this system than just what we have been told.

I am a Weaver of Worlds, with a deep passion for Systems, Life, Community, Creation, and all that is included within that. With a degree in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University, I worked as a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area for a time before a vacation to Hawaii for an Ecstatic Dance Retreat led me to leave it all behind and travel full time, connecting community everywhere I went. A trip to Bali in 2017 deepened my experience of life significantly, and this is where I took my 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, before returning back to the US to lead a caravan of Love around the country.

I now weave together all of my interests, making use of Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dance, Laughter, as well as flowing with the energy of co-creation and community, and weaving all of this with my love for systems, to deepen our understanding of who we are as humans, as well as build new systems and technology that facilitate a greater coming together for all of humanity and all of life.

This workshop will guide us into discovering this perspective and then open the door for us to inquire together into what is possible from this place.