Sacred Song Circle with Leora Borealis

We gather together to remember the ancient technology for deeply connecting in community, singing! Through oral repetition, we will learn uplifting songs to honor the earth, open our hearts, and allow expression for all emotions from joy to grief in these changing times. These simple songs can be easily remembered (recording is welcome) and used though out your life to uplift yourself or use in ceremonies. Come and remember your birthright, if you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing! We need all voices on deck, weather or not you call yourself a singer. Together we will weave a sonic prayer tapestry, and you will get to take home new song friends!

Leora has been gathering songs and growing her song leading skills for the last 10 years. She grew up singing prayers daily, sang in choir, and for the last decade has been an active part of the Singing Alive community. With a tuned ear, she teaches in a fluid and efficient way, so that learning is fun and joyful. She draws from hundreds of songs of many traditions, though she favors her original songs, songs in her lineage, and songs directly from friends. If you have a specific kind of song you are looking for, please ask, and she loves to find the perfect song for the moment! She loves spreading these songs around like seeds, to nourish and inspire others of their path of song.