Sacred Yoni Care: Eggs and Wands with Laura Carmody

The Yoni: the cosmic womb, the honey cave, the jade palace, the nectar portal. When we are embodied in our physical feminine vessels, our Yoni is the place where we source all of our power, creativity, & intuition. However, for her ancient codes to be unlocked & fully realized, she requires time, energy, & attention. In this circle, we will explore a holistic approach to Yoni-Versal Healthcare, with a focus on the potent practice of Yoni eggs & wands. These practices can strengthen & protect the pelvic floor, encourage hormonal balance, amplify sex drive & creativity, release trauma, & more! Give your Yoni the space to shine in her fullest expression of juiciness & sensuality!

Laura is a Women’s Empowerment Educator, with a concentration on menstrual cosmology. She is passionate about supporting girls and women as they create deep, meaningful relationships with their bodies and cycles. She serves at the Goddess Temple of Ashland as Red Tent Outreach Coordinator & is the founder of her own womb-centric business, Priestessing the Paradigm Shift. You can learn more about Laura’s offerings here: