Self Exploration through Bhakti Yoga with Makheswari Dasi

Explore and discover a very intiguing topic- our own self- through the path of Bhakti Yoga, the deepest and most esoteric truth presented in India’s ancient Vedic scriptures. Explore consciousness as a symptom of life force (spirit, or soul) and gain understanding on the true and inherent function of our soul and it’s relationship to both the phenomenal world and plane of Divinity. Gain understanding of why, if our soul is composed of pure love and happiness, our attempts at finding it in this world are foiled at every step. Along with an interactive discussion on these topics we will engage in the main limb of Bhakti Yoga, chanting sacred sound vibrations of the names of God, namely the Hare Krsna Mantra for Mantra Meditation. Whether you’re a soul seeker, a sceptic, a hippy at heart or a follower of a particular faith, you are invited to participate in this transformational workshop.

After exploring Bhakti Yoga seriously for two years, Makheswari Dasi (at that time Martha), decided to go to India’s most sacred land called Vrindavan to search for a Guru following this path- someone who could enlighten her to the true meaning of life. In 2013, she met not one Guru but three Gurus in one quaint temple in Vrindavan and shortly thereafter received her spiritual name and took initiation. Over the past five and a half years she has spent as much time in Vrindavan as possible in their association, learning from her Gurus how to make a nest; in other words how to create an inner and outer environment conducive to spiritual life. Realizing that if the small twigs are intertwined nicely and the nest is without holes it makes a perfect container for spiritual gifts to be held and nurtured. With gratitude for the deep impressions her Gurus have made in her heart, she is inspired to share this path with others. Makheswari Dasi considers herself always a student at the lotus feet of her Gurus but is enthusiastic to help give others a chance to discover the deeper meaning in life that she is discovering.