The Dance of Consent with Cyrena Giordano

Deep dive into discovering the self and connecting with others through journeying through the four steps of Consent and the 4 C’s via dance, movement and touch contact. We’ll spend time in each of the four phases (1. Connection [to self] 2. Consideration [of self and other] 3. Communication 4. Collaboration) with the intention of offering y’all more non-verbal vocabulary for how to stay in your full yes with yourself and when in contact with others. Participants will gain more tools awareness, experience in what it looks & feels like to honor their own and others choice, along with a framework to help support their consensual relating. This class will also hold the intention of healing boundary crosses between humans.

Cyrena is a love inspirationalist through consent! She’s also a singer-songwriter, sound healer, consent educator and voice empowerment & relationship coach (and masseuse). With her background and certifications in compassionate communication, co-counseling, life-coaching, consent trainings, extensive experience facilitating all ages of people, interactive theater for social change, circle holding, ritual, shamanic dance performance/dance therapy training, Theater of the Oppressed training, and performing singing and sound-healing for the past 12+ years, she strives to create heaven on earth through all these modalities to teach people how to have healthy and loving relationships with the self, the other, within communities and with the world around them.